Summer Tips - How to Protect Yourself from UV

Summer is the most expected season for many people. All of us want to hang out with friends, swim in the sea or lake and sunbathe. The latter activity is full of dangers. Several decades earlier, having a nice tan was trendy. But now people try to stay away from direct sunlight and various tanning salons. Scientists prove that UV rays accelerate aging and increase the risk of cancer. You must agree that it sounds very convincing to start thinking about protection from UV rays.
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Before you explore how to protect yourself from UV rays, you should find out about the UV index. It’s an indicator of UV radiation level that determines the need to use sunscreen. The WHO developed this index, so there is no reason not to trust it. You must instill a habit to check the UV index every day before going out. The higher the index, the more of the following ways of protection should be used.

Apply sunscreen

There are a lot of sunscreen creams and lotions. If you have to be in sunlight for a long time, choose products with high SPF — 35 and higher; however, you must remember that they aren’t designed to let you be in the sun longer. SPF is just a filter. Don’t forget to reapply it from time to time. Not so many manufacturers provide the application instruction, and it’s bad. Remember that sunscreens should be used in large quantities to be more effective. We advise you not to save money on it and buy high-quality products. If you want to save money on something, visit and get cheap academic assistance.

Wear clothes

We understand that the weather is hot and wearing even the T-shirt is a challenge. But if you want to protect your skin, you must overcome it. If you have long-sleeve T-shirts, pants, and skirts that cover your skin, wear them when you go out. Don’t forget to protect your face and eyes by wearing a hat and sunglasses. Some companies also produce clothes with UV protection factor. If you want to buy such clothes, you may find a job and set aside some money to buy these clothes and feel protected. Remember that OxEssays is always ready to assist you with studying. A huge number of Ox Essays reviews suggest that this service is rather popular among students.

Stay in the shade

If you can’t refuse to go out of the house, try to stay indoors at least during peak hours. The peak usually falls on the hours between 11 am and 4 pm. Staying at home is the most evident and most effective advice on how to protect yourself from the sun. Those who are still studying may opt for distance learning and send their tasks in electronic form. If you think that you may need help, you may get it from Assignment Geek without going outside. Read Assignment Geek review, and you’ll find out how to get professional assistance and stay safe.