About us

Business Modell

The unique competence of Captigel AB is the invention to, in a biocompatible way, encapsulate active bio-substances and microorganisms. The business concept is to offer the product as well as CaptiGel services relating to the development and use of CaptiGel.

Industrial collaborations can be designed in different ways depending on the type of project and the requirements and needs of the collaborating partner registered drugs. In collaborative projects, Captigel will receive compensation for the delivered material and, in most cases, also for the patent platform in the form of a reimbursement at different predetermined milestones. When the patent platform is vital for the final product, there is also the option for a royalty on future sales of the product.

Our vision

Captigel’s vision is to become one of the world leaders in nano-porous particles for encapsulation, controlled drug release and UV-protection within our focus area wound healing.

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Download a flyer with information about the CaptiGel technology (pdf-format)