Other applications


An attractive feature of the produced colloid particles is that they possess a core-shell structure. The crystalline core contributes with attractive UV-protective properties and the amorphous outer shell takes care of the free radicals produced by the UV-light. This unique UV absorbing property makes CaptiGel an interesting alternative in the cosmetic field.

Agricultural and forest industry

Within the agricultural and forest industry, CaptiGel can be used for seed protection and treatment.

The EU has adopted a directive for the use of integrated pest management in agricultural production, the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) -directive. The directive means that all Member States shall take the necessary measures to promote plant health with the sustainable use of pesticides and as far as possible, preference should be given to biological and mechanical methods to limit the use of toxic chemicals.

CaptiGel AB, can provide biocompatible methods for treatment of seeds instead of the different chemical pesticides used today. In the same way Captigel can be used in the forest industry for microbial protection of seedlings and delayed release of active ingredients like fertilizers.

The BacCoat Project

In this project, we develop environmentally friendly formulation technologies for increased product shelf life. This is important for biological control agents that are used in environmentally friendly pest control.

The encapsulated biomaterial (often bacteria), can be released and activiated in an efficient way. Before release, the biomaterial is protected against mechanical and UV-radiation damage. The partners in this project are AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology, Saatbau and SLU – The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Read more about the BacCoat project here: www.bac-coat.eu