Man makes 4-foot, 6.49-inch standing high jump on one leg for world record

A Malaysian athlete broke the Guinness World Record for highest standing jump on one leg when he managed a vertical leap of 4 feet, 6.49 inches.

Harinder Sekhon, 29, the wicketkeeper for Malaysia’s national cricket team, jumped 4 feet, 6.49 inches with one leg, beating the record of 4 feet, 4.99 inches, which was set by Canadian Evan Ungar.

A video of Sekhon’s jump was posted to Facebook by Loughborough University, the school Sekhon attended.

“I feel a sense of shock when I think about it and I get a little emotional when I see it on video. I’ve put in a lot of work and sacrifice to achieve this. The response I’m getting for it from the worldwide jumping community is overwhelming. I’d like to thank everyone for their love and support,” Sekhon told The Star newspaper.

Sekhon said he trained for nearly 5 months to break the record.

The athlete said his sights are now set on breaking the record for the standing long jump record.