Runaway dog in Manhattan takes the tunnel to Queens

A New York dog who fled from a sitter in Manhattan was found seven days later in Queens after crossing between the boroughs via the Queens Midtown Tunnel.

Heather Angus said Indie, a dog rescued three months ago from Kolkata, India, gave a dog sitter the slip on the evening of June 8 on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Angus said sightings reported on the Next Door app said Indie was heading south, and just over an hour after her disappearance the canine was spotted by security cameras at the Queens Midtown Tunnel.

“I started to feel hopeless but I received a call that night from a Bridge and Tunnels officer who said she tried to stop a dog with an appearance similar to Indie while she was bolting through the Queens Midtown Tunnel,” Angus told the New York Post.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials said workers were unable to capture Indie, but they directed tunnel traffic to keep the canine safe during her dash between boroughs.

Indie emerged on the Queens side of the tunnel and gave MTA workers the slip on the Long Island Expressway.

It wasn’t until seven days later that a worker at a warehouse in Queens’ Long Island City spotted a dog wandering in an area of the building known to be home to a family of feral cats.

“Then he went to lunch and he saw the flier with the phone number, and that’s how he knew that this was the lost dog,” Angus told WNBC-TV.

Angus said Indie now has some scraps and black tar stuck to her fur. She said the dog was dehydrated and had lost about 1 pound of weight, but she is “doing well” back at home.