Apple Watch refresh to feature faster processor, improved wireless connectivity and a better display

Apple is reportedly working on a new wave of Apple Watch models, the first of which is expected to debut later this year as the Apple Watch Series 7. A variant with a blood-sugar sensor, however, is unlikely to be ready for another several years. A non-invasive feature like this would no doubt be welcome by diabetics to help monitor glucose levels.

Sources familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that the new wearable will feature a faster processor, improved wireless connectivity and an updated display. Apple has reportedly tested models with thinner display borders that utilize a new lamination technique to bring the display closer to the front cover. Series 7 could be slightly thicker than its predecessor, but not so much so that the average user would notice.

This year’s refresh was also supposed to include a body temperature sensor, but sources say that feature is more likely to debut in the 2022 update.

Apple in 2022 will also reportedly launch a successor to its entry-level Apple Watch SE and introduce a new model targeting extreme sports athletes, perhaps branded as an “adventure” or “explorer” edition. A model for outdoor enthusiasts would help Apple compete with similar rugged offerings from companies like Casio and Garmin.